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The why

We started with a simple challenge, that soon evolved to an overwhelming passion. The problem? Well, one of our co-founders basically received a gorgeous pair of shoes, that he bought online, that arrived with a small problem… They were 2 full sizes bigger than they should be…
It really seemed like another simple day to day problem, until he realized: “This is not right! There has to be a way to make it easy and practical to buy shoes online!”

The Who

We have been developing this cutting edge technology for some time now, and we now need to share it with the world.
We are a young ambitious team, with lots of dreams and strong beliefs. We work really hard and we never forget that it was the “passion” that brought us here.
Our goal?
Revolutionize the way people shop for shoes online.
The power of technology in the palm of your hand.


The safest way to

Find the perfect shoe

The Feet IT® technology makes foot and shoe measurements really simple and unbelievably fast. You can scan your feet for length, width and volume, making it possible to find the perfect shoes for your feet.

Users will be able to compare different sizes and models to their foot size, using the specific features and boundaries of their feet to find the perfect match, either by receiving on demand recommendations or by using our test tool to “virtually” try on different shoe sizes and models, according to their foot profile.


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Tested results

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Our technology is the result of years of research and testing of complex computer vision and mathematical algorithms, but the results couldn’t be more simple: the features and boundaries of each foot are extracted, processed and measured, and the results are shown either on your smartphone or table, or directly in any computer through our website. From there, you can test several models, compare different sizes and choose the best option for you. No more refund or return programs and NO to the frustration of not having that perfect pair of shoes that you were dreaming of.

feet it

The future of footwear shopping

Years of research and a strong commitment to perfection have turned the distant dream of, making shoe fitting and online shopping a SIMPLE, RELIABLE and FUN process, into reality.

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Use the App to scan your feet and get instant access to thousands of different models and brands!

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The app measurements are more accurate than the standard manual process (pen, paper and ruler). How cool is that?

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You can check the results in any place and at any time. Compare specific models and sizes and get recommendations on demand.

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We are currently testing the iOS Beta version, but soon we will be available on all your devices.

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You will have the POWER to shop online, no matter the brand or model, as if you were on the store.

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With the Feet IT App you won’t have to return a pair of shoes again!


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If you have any doubts regarding the app or if you wish to receive additional information on our technology please feel free to contact our team.


If you’re a designer, a seller or an organization interested in working with us in this project, please do contact our commercial team for additional information.