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  • The Feet IT® App is the future of online shoe shopping. Use our measuring tool to generate your Foot ID and receive personal size and fitting recommendations. If your dream shoes aren't online, it’s easy: just send us a photo or a drawing and we’ll just make them to match your feet perfectly.
    It involves computer vision, calculus and machine learning algorithms that we have been developing and testing for several years and it’s now ready for everyone to use to SHOP for shoes online that actually match their feet.

  • For now, the system is only validated for iOs devices (iPhones), but we are already working on the Android version that should be available shortly.
    Also, you can always use an iPhone of a friend or a family member and use the FAMILY & FRIENDS feature to make your measurements and generate your FOOT ID.

  • You can explore our SHOP for specially curated brands and designers. We try to collect the highest number of shoe models we can, but some specific models can be out of stock or can just be waiting for validation from the factory to guarantee the size specifications.
    If you don’t see what you are looking for, just consult our FITTING EXPERTS in the HELP section of the App or order a tailor made pair.

  • Yes, we don’t have children models on the shop but our team can help you select the most accurate size. Just use the FITTING EXPERTS feature or contact our team.
    We highly recommend that the measurement is made with the help of an adult to guarantee the child stays still during the whole process.

  • Just send us an email to info@feetit.com and we will do our best to find what you are looking for.


  • Our computer vision algorithms process the photos of your feet and extract all the necessary measurements (length, width, ball girth, arch type, etc.) and your foot profile. We then use that information to generate shoe size recommendations or produce shoe molds for the tailor made shoes you can order through the App.

  • f you keep getting an error during the measuring process, please confirm you are using a dark sock and a white sheet of paper of known dimensions (A4, Letter or Legal). Also, it’s really important to capture the entire sheet of paper when taking the photos so that we can see the entire foot.
    Please check the “measure details” at the end of the process for additional tips.

  • Your FOOT ID is like your passport to buy shoes online that match your feet, so we have to deal with a real tight margin of error. To guarantee the highest accuracy, only measurements with more than 50 points are considered to your FOOT ID.

  • Podiatrists and other footwear experts recommend everyone should measure their feet at least 1 time per year. The fact is that feet tend to vary in size due to several different factors, such as: time of the day, temperature, weight variations, exercise, fatigue, etc. This means the best way to ensure a proper fitting is to measure your feet every time you buy shoes.

  • Only your Family and Friends can see your FOOT ID and you can also use this exciting feature to surprise them with a very original gift ;)


  • To guarantee the best experience we recommend measuring your feet first. Check our HELP section on the App for a detailed tutorial and videos with tips. Once you have 1 valid measurement for each foot, you’ll be able to see personal recommendations on the SHOP or order tailor made shoes that match your foot profile.
    If you still any additional help, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.

  • The recommendation takes into consideration your feet profile and dimensions and the size and specs of each shoe model and brand. Our algorithms analyse a huge amount of data and convert your Foot ID into a specific size recommendation for each pair of shoes.

  • Yes, you can use the TAILOR MADE feature on the MENU to submit a photo or a drawing of a shoe you like and other additional info you find useful to ensure our designers and artisans produce exactly what you are looking for.

  • Just use the Family & Friends feature on the MENU to search for all profiles available.

  • For now, all payments are made using PayPal and other secure payment options after a direct contact from our team. If you need any additional information on the payment options available please don’t hesitate to contact our team.

  • We have a wide range of shoe type options and appliques, but we may have to confirm with our artisans if every request can be fully satisfied before confirming the order. If it’s possible, we will do our best to guarantee we can deliver it to you.