The future of online footwear shopping!

How does it work?

Feet IT® is the perfect tool to shop for shoes online from different brands and footwear designers. Would you like a custom made pair of shoes just for you? Just use the TAILOR MADE service in the App.

The measurement process

Get ready

Use an A4 sheet of paper (letter or legal) and a dark, thin sock


We need to construct a 3D model with 2 different photos. It’s really important not to move your foot during the process

First photo

Place the blue shadow over your foot and move the phone around until you see “OK"

Second photo

Rotate the phone to see the arch of your foot. Make sure you see the entire sheet of paper and foot.

Specially curated brands and designers

Fashion Brands

A very special selection of the most exciting brands out there

Footwear Designers

Very talented professionals with brilliant creations

Casual, sports, athletics, ...

A wide variety of different shoe models to choose from

Big name Brands

Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Timberland, Geox, ...

Handcrafted custom made shoes that match your feet perfectly, designed for you by our Experts

Designer briefing

Tell our designers what you want and they’ll turn your dream into real sketches and drawings

Handcrafted quality

Each pair is entirely manufactured by the best Portuguese artisans

A world of options

We work with a wide range of shoe types, colours, materials, heels, appliques, ...

Top quality starting from €199

We take your order directly to the artisan, no middleman, so that you can receive your dream shoes at a fair price.

Surprise your Family and your Friends

Save and share Foot ID's

Make measurements to create their unique Foot ID’s and share them between your contacts

A very special GIFT

Use your Family & Friends measurements to shop for shoes and surprise them with a really original present

Share your closet

ENeed to borrow a pair of shoes for a special occasion? Just look on your friends closet